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25 Sep 2017

Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the UK PR for NEEK Skincare Organics

Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the UK PR for NEEK Skincare Organics, an Australian natural skincare and lipstick brand NEEK’s products use simple ingredients which can be found in nature. Their lipsticks are both vegan and cruelty free, with the brand choosing to test their products on sisters, not animals. All products also avoid the use of nasty, synthetic chemicals and opt to use recyclable packaging. Fuel PNEEK has recently added two new shades to their luxury lipstick […]

15 Aug 2017

Fuel PR: Cosmetic expiration dates – Why do they matter?

We all know food goes out of date, but did you know that so do cosmetics? Nearly all consumers neglect expiration dates on their cosmetics, which is causing concern amongst skincare experts. The US National Institute of Health [1] commissioned a study which showed that 97% of people admitted to having used products which were well past their cosmetic expiration end date. The PAO symbol (period after opening) is present on all cosmetics packaging, informing consumers about how long to […]

06 Mar 2017

INGLOT Appoints Fuel PR to Handle UK PR & Social Media

INGLOT Appoints Fuel PR Leandra Cardozo, Account Manager at Fuel PR, is thrilled to announce that Fuel PR has been appointed to handle the UK PR and Social Media for colour cosmetics brand INGLOT. INGLOT Cosmetics is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in colour cosmetics. INGLOT currently has a presence at all major beauty happenings and events around the globe, from the runways of Fashion Week to the stages of Broadway musicals. Every product consists of high-quality ingredients at […]